Everybody loves the circus!

Who we are.

An insight into our concept, team and methodology.

The circus is colorful, fun, old and modern, an experience and a memory, timeless. It is all that and much more. And the circus has a little bit of everything. Humor, suspense and unique moments. We provide-design solutions in the big circus of visual communication.

The circus has acrobats, clowns, lion tamers and all sorts of entertainers. So do we, we are a scheme of associates, all experts in visual communication, each one an expert in a field of design.

We cover the entire spectrum of visual communication. From research to implementation, covering every aspect of the design-production process and in a scale that ranges from small business to large corporations.

We specialize but are not limited to:

UX/UI design & mobile apps, branding, digital design-art direction, brochure design, books, publications and periodicals, packaging, print and analogue applications, motion design & animation, outdoor.

The Clowns.

Our team of clowns and acrobats. We do what we love, and love what we do!

Dimitris Anapliotis

Art Director, Visual Designer, Clown


Panagiotis Vergopoulos

UX/UI Designer - Digital -rat- Director, Acrobat


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