Loumidis Coffee Shops


Τhe company Loumidis Coffee Shops S.A. asked us to design a training manual for their personnel.
The primary design goal was to design a “pure” layout, which will be easy to read and compatible with the identity of the company. With reference to the company’s history, we emphasised the traditional elements and at the end, the layout, became the link between the old and the new era of the company. The title , “A Coffee History”, was used to denote the company’s history, values and status.
The handwritten font that used for titles, refers to the fonts that used to use in the classic Greek movies. The layout is done in a modern manner in order to achieve the the connection between old and new. Also we used a serif font in the texts, because the text had to be easy to read and also to promote the Greek character of the company. We designed infographics, in order to pass the information to the reader in a simple and easy way.